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Bad breath can be caused by the food you ate, a simple lack of oral hygiene, plaque buildup, or even neglected or badly cleaned dentures. This is nothing that a mint, a rinsing with therapeutic mouthwash, or a good brushing can’t solve.

When bacteria in your mouth release foul odors often, and there seems to be no easy remedy, we call this halitosis. Halitosis is a sign of a deeper issue with your mouth and should be addressed immediately.

One possible reason for halitosis includes periodontal disease, where bacteria multiply and camp out in your gums, letting out foul odors. These bacteria won’t go away without professional treatment. Chronic dry mouth can also cause halitosis. Dry mouth is a condition in which your mouth fails to produce enough saliva. Saliva washes away bad bacteria from your mouth; thus if you don’t have enough of it the bacteria fails to leave and will release horrible odors while they multiply in the mouth.

Other possible reasons for halitosis include respiratory tract infections, liver problems, kidney problems, and tooth infections. Talk to your family doctor or schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Holpuch to learn about the best remedies for any of these conditions.

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